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Birthdate:Feb 3
I'm a twisted, queer, geeky spec-fic writer, steampunk aficionado, wannabe artist, crafty bastard and general eccentric.

I will probably post stuff here.

That said, if I've randomly subscribed to you and/or granted you access, it's likely because we've got stuff in common, even if it's stuff I've not made so public. I have a handful of filters, the list of which is kept here: Feel free to comment and let me know what you'd like to read.

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abandoned things, absurdity, airships, alternate realities, anachronism, anarchism, androgyny, antiheroes, antiquated technology, art, artificial intelligence, autonomous learning, bdsm, beautifully broken things, biology, biotechnology, birds of prey, body modification, books, british humour, byerly vorrutyer, cats, celiac disease, cephalopods, change, chaos, characters, cities, cognitive science, collecting rejection letters, comics, compassion, computers, costuming, coyote, creativity, creepy things, cthulhu, culinary experimentation, culture jamming, dark humor, dashing rogues, deadpool, deserts, deviance, dinosaurs, discordianism, diversity, diy, duct tape, dystopia, elseworlds, empathy, ergi, experimental theology, fantasy, felines, fiction, finding beauty in desolation, finding things, foe yay, foreign language, found objects, free speech, freedom, futurism, gallows humor, gas masks, geekdom, genderfuckery, genderqueer, german as the language of love, giant squid, god-slaves, goggles, green living, hacking, historical reenactment, horror, hurt/comfort, improv, industrial, intelligence, jaegermonsters, john constantine, jotun, learning languages, lightning, liminality, literacy, lois mcmaster bujold, loki, long coats, machine empathy, mad pride, mad science, madness, magnificent bastards, masks, masochism, memes, memetic terrorism, miles vorkosigan, military uniforms, mindhealing, mocking bad movies, modern tribalism, molecular biology, mono no aware, monsters, monstrosities, mutation, my characters, mythology, nanotechnology, neil gaiman, nerd jokes, nerds, not-so-imaginary friends, odin, original fiction, paganism, paradox, perceptual reality, period costume, pirates, plague doctors, post-apocalyptic anything, post-rock, primitivism, propaganda, psychology, puns, ranting, reading, reality manipulation, religions, retrofuturism, rock, roleplaying, roleplaying games, runes, sacrifice, satire, saving the world, scavengers, scavenging, science fiction, sehnsucht, seidr, sexuality, shamanism, shapeshifters, sinister figures, slipstream, snark, speculative fiction, spirituality, spooky foo, steampunk, story as truth, storyamory, storytelling, street performers, submission, sustainability, sympathetic antagonists, taboo, tea, tentacle monsters, terry pratchett, testosterone, thunderstorms, traitors, transhumanism, transsexuality, tricksters, undead, unreality, urban exploration, urban legends, urban shamanism, victoriana, vikings, villainous gentlemen, villains, voluntary servitude, wabi-sabi, wastelands, webcomics, weirdness, werewolves, wit, wonder, wordplay, world domination, worldbuilding, worldchanging, writing, zombies

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