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Well. I haven't been on much lately, but stuff's going pretty well. I did indeed get a car (2001 Ford Focus. It runs well, at least.) but I still haven't gotten my license. :P

My pseudo-aunt Monika visited with her grandkids this week and just left this morning. I found that surprisingly, I actually got along with the kids, and they made me happy. I don't want to be a parent, I don't think, but I just might like to steal someone else's kids to corrupt sometimes.

In other news, I got invited to submit a story to an anthology that might be in the works. Who knew that Internet gaming would be such valuable networking for the writing biz?

Just trying to scrape myself back together, and still not sure I'm out of my depressed spell. I'm working on it, though. Definitely working. I'll try and write more as it comes to me. Right now, I've discovered Finder which is precisely up my alley.
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So I met a girl that I kinda used to know ages ago, though we really drifted apart (understatement), and she's really helping me get my shit together and believe that I might actually still have a future. Or maybe it's just approaching mania again. I'm not sure.

I think a lot of my problem is just that I try to avoid everything that's difficult to deal with, even when those difficult-to-deal-with things are a part of me. Hopefully I can live less in denial of who I am, even if I'm not open about it to others.

On a sorta-unrelated note, I'm applying to the local community college for fall. Hopefully this time I'll get my crap together and go to school instead of running away. It also means somehow finding a car and getting my license before August. This partially depends on my parents, but my mom's promised me a car, since they gave my sister one when she was a teenager... and because my mom's gotten thousands of dollars in child support for me, even when I wasn't living with them, and she feels sorta guilty about that, so is willing to shell out money for a car (and cheap tuition). Which is, I suppose, reason to stay. If I get a car, and am going to school and can find a doctor and a job, then I think I could actually survive here. :P Trying to make steps towards all of those, if I can get over my damned pessimism and social anxiety. We shall see.

Right. Dumped the surface of my brainpool into cyberspace for the random anonymous hordes. Now, I'm going to bed.
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I was in the kitchen, mixing up dough for my first attempt at gluten-free sugar cookies (actually, my first attempt at sugar cookies ever, but I love the cheap store-bought kind. In fact, they're totally the reason I tested the whole celiac thing by OD'ing on gluten a few months back) when I heard my mom's voice from her bedroom. My parents usually go to bed early, but they'd been up later with company over. Still, they'd been in bed for a while, but I suppose she'd heard me up and moving around still.

"Hey Alex," she called.


"Come here, I've got something to ask you." Her tone was pretty serious, so I was a little worried. I love my parents, but we're not on the best terms about everything, and I'm really bad about talking about things with them.

With a sinking feeling, I approached their bedroom. "Yeah?" I asked, trying not to peer too hard into the darkness. The German Shepherd glared.

"If you're speaking lolcat, would OMG be OMCC?"

"...I love you, mom."

"I love you too."

"Goodnight, mom."

"Goodnight, Alex."

And you wonder where I get it from.
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Sorry I've been silent. My life's really weird right now. Internal crap, mostly, and I'm always uncomfortable about sharing things... I dunno. Still alive. I think things are improving, but it's so hard to tell. I'm incredibly moody right now.

Possibly going to be doing more horseback riding, though. Spent a good chunk of the day shopping for tack for Ysabella, since I climbed onto her back yesterday and she didn't freak out.

I crave sugar. I think I'm going to go on a midnight baking spree.
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I'm starting to develop an unhealthy addiction to making icons. I blame [profile] edgeraven .

is still my favorite. Gods know why. First animated GIF I've ever made. Poor quality, but amuses me.


May. 30th, 2009 02:46 am
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Getting ready to go be an airship pirate today, having drank a somewhat significant amount of bourbon but not slept at all. Good for being in character as a pirate, right? Except it should've been rum. Oh well. We have rum, too, but I'm saving that for the middle of the day.

Alcoholism solves everything. So does the crazy Finn linking me amusing random things.
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OMG. Chupaqueso. Between this and chicken-fried bacon, the Internet is making sure I will never be thin again. Surprisingly easy. I think I should've used the muenster on the outside and the co-jack on the inside instead of vice-versa. I'd take a picture, but I eated it. (For those too lazy to go click through the website, it's a crispy shell of fried cheese filled with even more cheese.) OMNOMNOM.
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So someone had a random challenge they'd issued in a journal on an art site. I'd seen the same thing before, but I'm curious to see what you all come up with. :)

It's said that Ernest Hemingway was told to write a story in exactly six words. What he came up with is the following - "For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn."

So I extend the challenge out to you. Write, in exactly six words, the following.
a) Your autobiography
b) Your love life
c) A story
Do one, two, or all three. Or more than one of each, but they've all got to be self-contained within six words.

Here's mine:
Autobiography: Nope, damn. Still just crazy again.
Love life: Rain-damp kisses tasting of chocolate.
Story: Not a bang, just a flutter.

Edit: I feel like a douche. I zoned out and misspelled Hemingway one of the times. In big letters. I think it's 'cause Simon's last name is Hemming with two 'm's. >_< Fixed now.
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More than a little depressed, but this website says it's Saturday so I'm okay. I think I'm going to get some writing done and drown my sorrows in some kind of engrossing single-player game until my parents drag me off to do more farm stuff.

Pondering a noontime-breakfast other than cereal, but not much use cooking if it's only me. I should start cooking more, again, but I just get a bit frustrated with my gluten-free diet. (Celiac disease. I should write a post about it and how much fun it is to eat out one of these days.)

Also, I'm regretting Facebook again. I joined it while I was in Maine at the prodding of some of my co-workers, but I listed my school info so I keep getting messages from people I went to high school with. I am terrified of people I went to high school with, because catching up with them inevitably means talking about all the shit that's happened in my life and why the smart kid didn't go to college etc. etc. Admittedly, it did go well once, even if she did turn around and stand me up for a date-in-the-non-romantic-sense.

Sorry I'm so whiny lately, folks. And posting so much. It'll go away. And suffering's good for me, right?

and progress and the future.
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So I actually did do productive things about my problems. I also went on a community-joining binge.  I may leave some of them, but eh. Will see.

Also, did I mention that I got horsies today? Two more horsies. Arabian fillies. One's a gray named Bella, the other's bay with three white socks. I may name her "Dima" which supposedly means "downpour" in Arabic. It would be very appropriate, since it poured rain both when we went to see them the first time and when we were bringing them home. Not sure. It does mean more work ahead of me, especially since they're both rescue horses and need a lot of care and work, and, as always, I'm the one home most of the time.

I still have no idea which writing project to work on. Snow Queen, probably. Meh. Barely wrote today. Just been busy lately.


May. 19th, 2009 10:34 pm
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So while I was procrastinating and not writing, I drew (well, digitally painted) the weirdest thing I've ever drawn. Ever. This from the guy who draws cyberpunk centaursvegetable-octopus hybrids, and chibi cyborgs cuddling spines.

Image under the cut... )

I made it into a wallpaper, too, if anyone's interested. Similar but not identical background.
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Ask it the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow...

This was pretty much just an excuse to see how this icon looks with my layout, since [profile] edgeraven has me worrying about aesthetics now, damn him.  ;)

It still totally sounds like the kind of thing that, if we were living in science fiction, would develop sentience and take over the world. It even has a cool name.



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