Jun. 19th, 2009

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I haven't really been online much lately, which is a change from being glued to my screen all the time like I mostly have been for the last year. I have a cold, and I've gone completely insane, and my compulsion to avoid people is outweighing my Internet addiction.

I've spent the last two days cleaning, eating, sleeping, and playing Oblivion, pretty much. A little reading. Some random quips on Twitter.

Oblivion is the mother of all games full of too many side-areas and sidequests and stuff. I'm like "OH WELL, I GUESS HELL IS JUST GOING TO WIN BECAUSE I HAVE THE NERDY COMPULSION TO EXPLORE EVERY CAVE INSTEAD OF CONTINUING THIS URGENT QUEST" but dark elves have pretty skin. Actually, my dark elf is just pretty. I actually restarted today because my first character was mostly melee and he was getting assraped by all the things that throw fireballs. And he was taking way too long to level up. Now I'm playing a mostly-mage, and all is well. I should've taken acrobatics as a class skill, though, since I jump when I'm bored and that skill is climbing up there. I can probably blame WoW for that.

Not much else, really, unless you like stories of shampooing carpet or atypical mental illness. I feel guilty about not doing my normal online stuff, but that isn't outweighing the social anxiety at the moment. I'm going through one of those periods where I'm just trying to survive, and even that seems almost too tough, sometimes.
seidskratti: (To do today)
Sorry for the whiny posts. I lost subscribers over that last one. :x

I may be getting a car this weekend *crosses fingers* so I might actually be able to have a life again. Huzzah! Will update if that does indeed occur.

In other news, one of the teen mods from a chat site that I occasionally visit was very brutally beaten and raped (and buried alive) and died in the hospital. I was riding into town with my mom when I found out and I absolutely lost it for a few minutes there, crying in public. I don't think I can type a response just yet. I still feel awful. I do want to write on it, but even though I barely knew her, the situation is nasty enough that it's hard not to be incoherently angry.

Not really a good week. Hopefully the weekend will be better



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