May. 21st, 2009

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I told her. I mean, it says in my listing, “Cases at my discretion.” There are some things I just can't afford to get involved with. Nothing personal, I just have to look after my career first and foremost. Everyone's got their lines they don't cross and mine is simple: I don't mess with werewolves.

But there's her face, sad and lost and beautiful. There's the empty bench on my way into work where the city's omega usually sleeps. There's the nighttime silence that should be filled with song. She just wants her husband back.

I pick up the phone.
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Re-read an old story (probably going to be a novella?) which is a retelling of Hans Christian Andersen's The Snow Queen in a kinda steampunk/anachronistic tone. Some bits are honestly some of the best I've ever written, and it's heavy on style/voice. Pretty neat. It's still definitely a first draft. The wild raven is awesome, though. I only hope my equivalent of the 'tame raven' is equally so. (One word: clockwork.)

Made myself write a bit, using a timer and booze. Got 645 words out. Meant to write more, but got distracted and did strange things. Like write a drabble. And design a tattoo ( ).

Also remembered I'd made this icon of my character Jack. Say hello to Jack's awesome gas mask.
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The auction, the goats, and the entire South can kiss my ass. Left around 2pm, got home between 11:30 and midnight. The most that any of the goats sold for was $50, which isn't bad, but the girls all sold for under that. It's very far from turning a profit. The only cool bit about going up there is passing the old peanut... mill? processing plant? near Graceville. It's an awesome-looking abandoned factory that I've always wanted to go play in and explore. One of these days, I will.

Didn't get to sleep until... I don't know. 7? 8? And it was poor sleep at that. I woke up for a while at 10-something, then went back to sleep until noonish. The melatonin I took seemed to have the opposite effect from what was intended. Between that and my day, I might actually sleep tonight.

Working on a design for shirt.woot derby, possibly. The theme is "dance". My pic is titled "Don't need legs to boogie." Snakey love.



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