May. 18th, 2009

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Well. Wow. I have a journal here. I, like many here, am a Livejournal expat of sorts, though I'm really just awful at keeping up with these kind of things. My LJ has, in the last year, become home to little more than my Twitter feed and rats. When [profile] edgeraven  offered me a code, I decided to go ahead and jump.

Still not entirely sure what I'm going to post here. Things should have a flavor, shouldn't they? A theme? I'll probably talk about writing, a lot, since that's mostly what I've got going on right now. Maybe I'll bitch about life in old-fashioned LJ fashion. I'll possibly post some pics of steampunk or other costumes and crafts I'm working on. I'll more than likely make offensive jokes and post links to things that are only funny to a very small percentage of the population.

In other words, I'll pretty much be myself. It might get kinda weird.

If you know me from elsewhere or if  I just sound interesting, feel free to read. Might watch you back, might not.



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